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The Lovebirds' Guide: America's Most Romantic Hotels for the Perfect Getaway

Hola, fellow travel enthusiasts! Buckle up, we’re about to embark on a road trip around the good ol' USA, exploring the crème de la crème of romantic hotels. Picture moonlit beach walks, snuggling by the fire, candlelit dinners, and awe-inspiring views. What’s not to love? Let's roll!

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California Where better to start than the breathtakingly stunning Post Ranch Inn, nestled in the heart of Big Sur? This grown-ups-only hotel is a perfect sanctuary for couples seeking an escape from the world. Its cliff-hanging infinity pools with Pacific Ocean views are to die for. Enjoy stargazing with your lover via the inn's in-house telescope, or revel in a couple's spa treatment. However, beware that Wi-Fi can be spotty, so it's best for those who don't mind disconnecting a bit. Don't forget to visit the nearby Pfeiffer Beach and enjoy a meal at Nepenthe, famed for its bohemian history and killer sunset views.

Post Ranch Inn

Courtesy of Post Ranch Inn

The Chanler at Cliff Walk, Newport, Rhode Island Step back in time to the age of the Gilded Age with a stay at The Chanler. Each room is a design wonder, uniquely styled to reflect different historical periods. From Renaissance to Moroccan, the vibe is undeniably chic and unique. However, the real charm lies in the location – at the start of the Cliff Walk, an unforgettable coastal stroll. Some may find the decor a bit over the top, but it's all part of the Chanler charm. For a tasty dinner with water views, visit the Spiced Pear, and don't miss exploring the stunning nearby Newport Mansions.

The Chanler at Cliff Walk room

Courtesy of the Chanler at Cliff Walk

Twin Farms, Barnard, Vermont Imagine a romantic snowy getaway complete with roaring fireplaces, heated bathroom floors, and hot tubs – yes, it's Twin Farms we're talking about. This all-inclusive, adult-only retreat offers an extensive range of activities including skiing, snowshoeing, and canoeing. Not a fan of winter? Don't worry! The lush green summer beauty and fall foliage are equally captivating. Just remember, all this luxe seclusion comes with a hefty price tag. On your way out, dine at Barnard Inn Restaurant and Max's Tavern for a farm-to-table culinary experience.

Courtesy of the Twin Farms

The Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu, Hawaii Nothing spells romance quite like a beachfront luau under the Hawaiian stars at the iconic pink palace, The Royal Hawaiian. With its unique blend of classic Hawaiiana and modern chic, the hotel offers a perfect romantic island escape. The hotel's 'Azure' restaurant serves up some mean seafood, but if you fancy venturing out, nearby 'Duke’s Waikiki' is a classic choice. While the hotel is beyond beautiful, it can get crowded during peak season, so book accordingly. Don't miss a sunset catamaran cruise right off Waikiki Beach!

The pool at The Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu, Hawaii

Courtesy of the Royal Hawaiian

The Biltmore, Asheville, North Carolina Last, but certainly not least, we have The Biltmore in Asheville. This massive estate houses a winery, stunning gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, and the gorgeous historic Biltmore Hotel. The place screams 'fairytale romance'. Try to snag a room with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. On the flip side, the estate can be crowded, and the food, while good, isn't as exciting as one might expect for the price. Venture out and try Curate, an amazing Spanish tapas restaurant in downtown Asheville. Also, don't miss the scenic Blue

Ridge Parkway Drive.

Courtesy of The Biltmore, Asheville

And there you have it, my free-spirited lovebirds – a whirlwind tour of the most romantic hotels the USA has to offer. From oceanfront infinity pools to firelit rooms tucked away in the snowy mountains, there's a cozy corner for every type of couple. Whether you're marking a milestone or just celebrating 'us', these hotels are sure to make your hearts flutter. But remember, no matter where you are, the most romantic place is next to the one you love. These dreamy destinations are just a cherry on top.

Whatever love nest you choose, make sure to check out OnlyTopHotels for all the guides, tips, and best hotels.

Until our next journey, stay in love, stay adventurous. Peace out!


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