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The definitive list of Top Travel Blogs

We love how we write and think we are the greatest in the world, but it wouldn't be fair to say we know it all, So we thought it would be just fair to give you a list of who are the bloggers who inspire us:

Nomadic Mat web site

  1. Nomadic Matt: Matt Kepnes is one of the pioneers of travel blogging. His blog is filled with comprehensive guides, budget travel tips, and advice for aspiring digital nomads. What sets him apart is his honest and realistic approach to travel.

  2. The Blonde Abroad: Kiersten Rich is the face behind The Blonde Abroad. She left her corporate finance job to travel the world and hasn't looked back since. She focuses on solo female travel, and her beautifully designed blog is filled with destination guides, travel tips, and fashion advice.

  3. Expert Vagabond: Matthew Karsten is the Expert Vagabond. He shares his adventurous experiences around the world, from hiking mountains to deep sea diving. His impressive photography and storytelling skills make his blog a must-read for adventure lovers.

  4. Hand Luggage Only: Yaya and Lloyd are the British duo behind Hand Luggage Only. Their blog is filled with stunning photography, city guides, and travel tips. Their enthusiastic writing style and their focus on quirky, lesser-known destinations set them apart.

  5. Adventurous Kate: Kate McCulley is one of the top solo female travel bloggers. She focuses on destinations off the beaten path and shares practical tips for women traveling alone. Her candid writing style and her commitment to promoting safe travel make her blog unique.

  6. The Points Guy: Brian Kelly started The Points Guy to share his strategies for using credit card points and airline miles. His blog is now a go-to resource for learning how to travel cheaply and comfortably.

  7. I am Aileen: Aileen Adalid quit her corporate job in the Philippines at age 21 to travel the world. Her blog focuses on luxury and adventure travel, and her inspiring story of following her dreams makes her stand out.

  8. One Step 4Ward: Johnny Ward is the man behind One Step 4Ward. He has visited every country in the world, and his blog is filled with inspiring stories and tips on how to make money while traveling.

  9. Migrationology: Mark Wiens is all about travel for food. His blog is a treasure trove of food guides, restaurant recommendations, and mouth-watering photography from around the world.

  10. Legal Nomads: Jodi Ettenberg, a former lawyer, tells stories through food. Her focus on gluten-free travel and her passion for in-depth cultural exploration make her blog unique and fascinating.

  11. World of Wanderlust: Brooke Saward is the solo traveler behind World of Wanderlust. She's known for her stunning photography and the variety of topics she covers - from food and home decor to personal development.

  12. The Broke Backpacker: Will Hatton's blog is a go-to resource for backpackers on a budget. His detailed guides and adventurous itineraries, especially for less-traveled destinations, make his blog stand out.

  13. Travel Babbo: Eric Stoen takes family travel to a new level. His blog is filled with tips for traveling with kids and itineraries for family-friendly destinations.

  14. Wandering Earl: Derek Earl Baron has been traveling non-stop since 1999. His blog is full of personal stories, travel guides, and practical tips for long-term travel.

  15. Young Adventuress: Liz Carlson's blog is a mix of personal essays, travel guides, and beautiful photography. Her honest and sometimes hilarious accounts of her travel adventures make her blog a fun read.

  16. Y Travel Blog: Caz and Craig Makepeace are the family behind Y Travel Blog. They focus on family travel and share practical tips, destination guides, and inspiration for traveling with kids.

  17. Local Adventurer: Esther and Jacob run this blog with a unique concept - exploring locally. They move to a new city every year and spend their time discovering everything that city has to offer.

  18. Landlopers: Matt Long's blog focuses on luxury and adventure travel. His detailed posts and stunning photography provide a wealth of information for those planning their next trip.

  19. A Luxury Travel Blog: Dr. Paul Johnson's blog is a must-visit resource for those who prefer the finer things in life. It's filled with reviews of luxury hotels, high-end dining, and exclusive experiences around the world.

  20. Travel Dudes: Melvin Bocher's blog is all about travelers sharing their experiences and tips with each other. It's a community-driven blog that covers a wide range of topics and destinations.

  21. Uncornered Market: Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, the husband-and-wife team behind this blog, are dedicated to humanizing the places they visit, digging deep into the cultures and engaging with locals.

  22. Be My Travel Muse: Kristin Addis shares her experiences of traveling the world solo. She's a former investment banker turned world traveler, and her blog is a great resource for other women with similar aspirations.

  23. The Planet D: Dave and Deb, the Canadian couple behind The Planet D, believe adventure is for everyone. Their blog is full of inspiration for people looking to add a bit more adventure into their travels.

  24. Goats On The Road: Nick and Dariece have turned travel into a lifestyle. They've been on the road since 2008, and their blog is a wonderful resource for those looking to do the same.

  25. Getting Stamped: Hannah and Adam showcase their worldwide travels with beautiful photography and useful destination guides.

  26. Green Global Travel: Bret Love and Mary Gabbett focus on ecotourism and conservation. Their blog is a great resource for those interested in sustainable travel.

  27. The Savvy Backpacker: James and Susan provide detailed guides and tips for backpacking through Europe. Their advice is practical, down-to-earth, and incredibly useful for first-time backpackers.

  28. Solo Traveler: Janice Waugh's blog is an amazing resource for people looking to travel alone. It's full of tips, advice, and stories about solo travel.

  29. The Poor Traveler: Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos blog about their travels around the world and their experiences of traveling on a budget.

  30. Alex in Wanderland: Alex is a New York native who left her home to explore the world. Her blog is full of detailed guides, beautiful photos, and tips on how to balance work and travel.

  31. Fluent in 3 Months: Benny Lewis' unique blog focuses on language learning during his travels. His methodology and techniques for rapid language learning are truly fascinating.

  32. Wild Junket: Nellie Huang's blog focuses on adventure and culture travel. Her aim is to inspire others to get off the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences.

  33. View from the Wing: Gary Leff’s blog is an excellent resource for airline industry news, frequent flyer tips, and hotel reviews.

  34. Breathe Dream Go: Mariellen Ward is a Canada-based writer who fell in love with India and focuses on transformative travel experiences.

  35. Borders of Adventure: Becki Enright looks to change perceptions and narratives about places that tend to have misconceptions and misunderstandings attached to them.

  36. Wandering Trader: Marcello Arrambide's blog offers insight into day trading and traveling around the world. It's a unique blend of travel and finance.

  37. A Little Adrift: Shannon O'Donnell shares stories of her personal travels since 2008, focusing on responsible tourism practices and community engagement.

  38. Dan Flying Solo: Daniel James from Dan Flying Solo is known for his great photography and narrative story-telling style.

  39. The Fearful Adventurer: Torre DeRoche's blog is a mix of travel and self-discovery. She shares her fears, triumphs, and life-changing adventures.

  40. The Travel Hack: Monica Stott provides practical tips and hacks for stylish, fun, and affordable travel. She started her blog during a two-year backpacking trip and has grown it ever since.

  41. Our Awesome Planet: Anton Diaz's blog focuses on food and travel in the Philippines and beyond. His reviews and guides have made his blog a go-to resource for food-loving travelers.

  42. The Big Outside: Michael Lanza's blog is all about backpacking, hiking, and outdoor adventures. His in-depth trail guides and gear reviews are essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

  43. Roads & Kingdoms: Nathan Thornburgh and Matt Gould's blog is a mix of travel, food, and politics, delving into the heart of the places they visit.

  44. Pinoy Adventurista: Mervz Marasigan is one of the leading adventure travel and lifestyle bloggers in the Philippines. He shares his experiences about mountaineering, backpacking, and exploring hidden gems in his home country and abroad.

  45. The Adventure Junkies: Antonio and Amanda aim to make outdoor adventure more accessible to people. Their blog is packed with resources about a variety of outdoor activities.

  46. Journey Era: Jackson Groves shares his adventurous trips and excursions, with a focus on solo backpacking and exploration. His blog is full of practical tips and stunning photography.

  47. Jones Around The World: Dave Jones shares his adventures from around the world. He combines a passion for photography, music festivals, and off-the-beaten-path exploration.

  48. Just One Way Ticket: Sabrina Iovino's blog is a wonderful resource for travel inspiration, guides, and tips. She has a penchant for finding unique and exciting experiences around the globe.

  49. Spartan Traveler: Clayton Cornell's blog focuses on how to travel efficiently - think minimalism, cheaper destinations, and optimizing cost of living.

  50. Where's Sharon?: Sharon Gourlay documents her travels with her family, providing detailed guides and tips for those looking to travel with children.

Expert Vagabond website

These travel bloggers provide a wide range of insights from different corners of the world, outdoor adventure tips, food guides, and much more. Whether you're a solo backpacker, a foodie, a family traveler, or an outdoor enthusiast, there's something in this list for everyone.



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